Hypixel Skyblock Reports

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When submitting a scammer report, please include:

➥ Context (Where was the trade discussed? Who was involved? What was agreed upon in this conversation?)

➥ Transaction (How were the goods exchanged? Was there a (fake) middleman involved?)

➥ The Scam (This can be the person leaving the party and /ignore adding you.)

Please note:

We will not accept cropped screenshots or chat logs as evidence. Please take screenshots of your entire Minecraft instance.

➥ You must provide image or video evidence. Saying 'DM x for evidence' or providing a URL to a stat checking website is not sufficient.

What is the suspect's username?

You may report multiple people by seperating usernames with commas.

What is the suspect's Discord ID?

You may report multiple people by seperating IDs with commas. This field is optional.
How do I copy a Discord ID?

What are you reporting them for?

Describe why you're reporting them.

Provide evidence for your report.

If you'd like to provide images or videos, please upload them to a service such as Imgur or YouTube.