SkyKings Discord Bot

The best bot for your Hypixel Skyblock, or your Hypixel guild.

Popular Skyblock Commands

SkyKings is equipped with over 50 skyblock related commands that are used by thousands of players. This includes commands like /networth, /weight, /accessories, /slayers, and much, much more!

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Extremely Customizable

With 20 different configuration settings and highly customizable Skyblock event announcements, you can make the bot fit your needs. Setup exactly what roles you want added on verification, their nicknames changed to whatever you want, and tons of announcements for things like skyblock patchnotes, firesales, skyblock time, and skyblock events!

Bot Config Command

Cheater Detection

Keep your server safe by scanning for malicious players, such as Scammers or Ratters, or stop IRL Traders and Macroers from joining. Select between automatically kicking them from your server, or just giving them a role to show that they are on our list.

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Verify in one server, get verified in all servers that use our bot. Why use a bot that forces verification in all servers, when the player can verify in one, and automatically get synced with all servers they join.

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Skyblock Events

Create custom and easy to use events that track players progress in whatever option you select. Select from any skill xp, weight, skyblock level, mining powder, and so many more!

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And so much more...

Stop using 5 different Hypixel bots for your server, you only need one.

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