How to Farm Zealots

Learn how to farm zealots in the end.

Method 1 (Frozen Scythe)

Full Wise Armour Heroic Frozen Scythe Sheep Pet or Legendary Enderman Sighted Accessory Modifier Aspect of the End/Void Zealuck Perk in End Shop (Optional) Rogue Sword

Run around quickly using the Frozen Scythe's ability to 1 shot zealots easily and get eyes very fast. No Crit Chance needed! (Moderately cheap, easy)

Method 2 (Melee)

13k+ Damage on Crit (100% Crit-Chance, preferably use a Livid Dagger for Crit-Chance and attack speed but optional) God Potion Any armor Legendary Enderman Pet (Optional) Zealuck Perk (Optional)

Not as good as the Frozen Scythe Method but still works and can make you some moderate money. (Cheap, easy)

Method 3 (Precursor Eye)

3/4 Storm or Wise with Precursor Eye Spirit Sceptre in hand Legendary Sheep Pet w/ Textbook Sighted Accessory Modifier Rogue Sword Aspect of the End/Void Maxed Zealuck Perk

Much better than both methods but substantially more expensive (Expensive, Easy, FAST)

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