How To Do Voidglooms

Learn how to do voidgloom seraph bosses.

Voidglooms are one of the hardest bosses in skyblock but beating them can give powerful rewards. This guide will take you through the requirements to solo them and the way you kill them.


Note: (Higher tiers require expensive gear and will cost you quite a bit of money)

Tier 1

For T1 endermen you will need to at least be able to 1 shot zealots at the very minimum and dealing around 20k damage is a good amount to do them consistently, and having Radient power orb helps immensely.

Tier 2

For T2 endermen you will need to at least be doing 100k damage per hit to kill the boss at a decent rate.

Tier 3

For T3 endermen you will need to be doing around 300-400k per hit to do them consistently.

Tier 4

For T4 endermen you will need to be doing around 800k a hit without final destination ability to do them consistently.


These 2 mods contain settings to help out with voidglooms. You can customise them as you like but you need to have a beacon/head highlight setting on. This will highlight beacons and heads to make them more visible which helps out with the boss greatly.

Boss mechanics

Each tier of the boss has very high damage and defensive stats. This table shows the specific details of each.


Tier Health DPS Hitshield Hits
T4 210,000,000 21,000 100
T3 50,000,000 12,000 60
T2 12,000,000 4,000 30
T1 300,000 1,200 15


How to kill Voidglooms

Having the gear to kill voidglooms and actually killing them are 2 very different things. There are a few important steps you must take to kill the boss. Before spawning the boss you want to have an organized inventory. If you are a scroll wheeler I would recommend keeping your weapon and wand right next to each other to make cycling healing / ferocity way easier. Having your wither blade and aspect of the end / aspect of the void in an easily accessible slot helps a lot with quick heals / teleports. If you are a hotkeyer customize your items however you wish as long as you can cycle your weapon / wand easily. Spawning the boss in a more wide open location can also help. The best place to spawn T3 / T4 is the top of the Void Sepulture.

Tier 1

When the boss spawns start cycling wand heals every 7 seconds and hit it 15 times to break the hitshield then damage it then repeat until it's dead.

Tier 2

When the boss spawns start cycling wand heals and soulcry ability for ferocity every 4 seconds. If you are struggling on mana you can cycle them separately to make full use of the 7 second duration of the wand but it is harder. If you have summons you can summon them and try to get them agroing the boss during the hitshields. Keep a distance if using summons but stay close so they don't teleport to you. Summons will be automatically despawned at the end of each hitphase. If not, cycle your wand and ferocity to destroy it as fast as possible. Once it's down you can damage the boss until the next hitshield. After you destroy that one beacons will start spawning. Once one spawns try to damage the boss for as long as possible but save enough time to get to stand next to or on top of the beacon before it explodes. Beacons can also get stuck in hard to reach places behind walls sometimes which can make it harder. Repeat this process after the final hitshield to kill the boss. If you have a power orb like a mana flux it can greatly help but you have to replace it after some time. If you get really low you can use your florid to get quick heals also.

Tier 3

When the boss spawns you want to spawn your summons and get them to agro the boss while staying back a bit. The longer the hitshield is up the stronger the boss gets so try to destroy it quickly and keep out of its range. Once it's destroyed you can start to attack the boss and cycle your wand and katana abilities. Try not to get hit by melee hits because half of it's damage will come from melee hits so you will take a lot more damage. Once it gets to the next hitshield respawn your summons and repeat what you did at the start. After it's destroyed you have to watch out for beacons. Like T2 they can get stuck behind walls and sometimes be a pain to get. After you destroy the final hitphase. Heads will appear around every 7-8 seconds. While damaging the boss, aim yourself to target the heads to destroy them without breaking your dps. Beacons spawn along with the heads so it can be hard to manage. Heads can sometimes spawn behind walls and mods don't work all the time so keep an eye out for stray heads blending in with the walls. By destroying heads and beacons while keeping a good amount of dps on the boss you can kill it very fast.

Tier 4

The start is mostly the same as T3 with a few differences. The boss does way more damage so occasionally you will have to use a florid charge or wither impact when you get low. You start cycling after destroying the hitshield with summons. When it gets to 175m hp it activates broken heart radiation. It will become immune to damage and starts to emit rotating beams 3 blocks high. You can jump over these beams with jump boost from a god pot but if you get hit you will get a reduction in healing for 90 seconds which can affect you greatly during the boss. After 8 seconds the beams stop and you can attack the boss like normal. Once you get past the second hitshield the boss starts to throw beacons. At 105m hp it will activate broken heart radiation again. During this the boss can also throw beacons so watch out for beacons while the beams are rotating. Once you get past the third hitshield the boss will spawn heads. 3 heads will double the boss's total dps so make sure you get rid of most of them. At 35m hp the final broken heart radiation phase will activate. During this both heads and beacons can be summoned so you will have to get beacons while jumping over the beams and getting rid of heads. As long as you don't let too many heads spawn the boss will be easy to kill. Ender artifact is very expensive but makes a huge difference and can make it like 10x easier.

End Game Method (after achieving 1100MP+ and fiery Crimson,Aurora)

Crimson Armor (regarded as LCM method)

Aurora Armor (regarded as RCM method )

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