Trophy Fishing Guide

Learn how to trophy fish.

So, you want to get all the trophy fish. Well, you have come to the right place! This is the complete guide on trophy fishing that tells you what you should get, when you should get it, and everything else. Let's get started!

Getting Started

First thing in order to start your trophy fishing endeavor is to go visit Odger located inside the volcano near the top. (-373 / 207 / -808).

Upon talking to him he will give you a starter lava rod which allows you to fish in the lava and catch basic trophy fish.

There are 18 unique trophy fish available to catch, with four different tiers of each totalling 72 diverse fish to catch. The tiers of fish in order of rarity are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier having a lower percentage chance of spawning than the last.

Along with tiers each fish has specific requirements in order to catch it, ranging from location to mana amounts. Here is a list of all the fish and requirements to catch:

Name Requirement Chance
Sulphur Skitter Caught when standing within eight blocks of a Sulphur ore. 30%
Obfuscated 1 Caught with corrupt bait. 25%
Steaming-Hot Flounder Caught when the bobber is within 2 blocks of a geyser in the Blazing Volcano. 20%
Obfuscated 2 Caught while using Obfuscated 1 as bait. 20%
Gusher Caught within 7-16 minutes after a Blazing Volcano Eruption. 20%
Blobfish Caught Everywhere. 15%
Slugfish Caught when the bobber has been active for at least 30 seconds. 10%
Obfuscated 3 Caught while using Obfuscated 2 as bait. 10%
Flyfish Caught while standing 8 blocks or higher above the lava. 8%
Lavahorse Caught everywhere. 4%
Mana Ray Caught While you have at least 1,200 mana. 4%
Volcanic Stonefish Caught in the Blazing Volcano 3%
Vanille Caught while using the starter lava rod with no enchantments. 3%
Skeleton Fish Caught in the Burning Desert. 2%
Moldfin Caught in the Mystic Marsh. 2%
Soul Fish Caught in the Stronghold. 2%
Karate Fish Caught in the lava pools near the Dojo. 1%
Golden Fish Has a chance to spawn after 15 minutes of fishing. N/A


The best armor for Trophy fishing is the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond Trophy Hunter armor sets obtained from Odger after catching every fish in each tier of fish.

This armor allows immunity to sea creatures, while not allowing you to damage them. Along with the ability to no longer catch any sea creatures.

The second ability is a percentage increase in chance to catch trophy fish starting at 0 for bronze then going up by 5% each tier respectively.

This armor can also be starred to 10 stars using magmafish, heavy pearls, and coins . It is advised to fully star the armor at bronze tier as the stars carry over to higher tier upgrades but much less resources are required.


The best rod for Trophy Fishing is a Hellfire rod with 'Pitchin' reforge. This reforge can be applied with a pitchin' koi reforge stone. Along with the reforge the attributes that are best for the rod/trophy fishing are 'Trophy Hunter X' and 'Fishing Speed X'

On your rod amongst all normal fishing enchants you also want to make sure you have Charm 5, which gives higher % to catch trophy fish and Flash 5 which gives a chance to instantly catch a fish after casting.

The Hellfire rod, like the armor, can also be 10 starred. In order to star the rod it takes in total:

5,090 Crimson Essence, 20 Lump of magma, 226 Silver Magmafish, 120 Gold Magmafish, 20 Moogma Pelt, 20 Pyroclastic Scale, 70 Flaming Heart, 50 Cup of Blood, 80 Orb of Energy, 90 Horn of Taurus, 12 Heavy Pearls, 30 Thunder Shards, 55 Magma Lord Fragments.

After all this all you need is about 500-1,000 hours of dedication and a lot of patience in order to catch all the Trophy Fish.


How to trophy fish?

Go to nether island and find Odger inside the Volcano.

What is the best rod for trophy fishing?

The best rod is the hellfire rod.

Trophy fishing tiers?

There are 4 tiers of each type of fish. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond.

What is the best armor for trophy fishing?

The best armor for trophy fishing is the armor given by odger for completing each tier of trophy fish collection.

What percent chance is there to catch trophy fish?

Each trophy fish has its own percentage varying between 30 and 1%.

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