The Ultimate Revenant Slayer Guide

Learn how to kill revenant bosses.

So, you want to start doing revenant (rev) slayer and don't know where to start? Well, you have came to the right place! Let's get started!

Revenant Tier 1

Notes: This tier is very easy to defeat. It only has 500 hp so it will only take a few hits.

Revenant Tier 2

Notes: Tier 2 is much more harder then tier 1, requiring armour this time and a better weapon. Again it's not that hard to defeat so you shouldn't have trouble with it.

Revenant Tier 3

Notes: Tier 3 also isn't that hard with this setup. You just need to hit the boss with your sword and if you get low you can use a healing wand.

Revenant Tier 4

Notes: Tier 4 is what you will be doing until you get revenant slayer 7 which is when you can do tier 5s. Tier 4s aren't too much different from tier 3s other than they have more hp and do more damage. I suggest you get a higher skyblock level and combat level before doing these.

Revenant Tier 5

Notes: Tier 5 has a lot more HP then the tier 4 and does a lot more damage. What you need to do is to move around the boss so the TNT can't hit you. Also, every 30 seconds the boss starts spawning bedrock on the ground and when it finishes charging up it instantly kills you so I suggest moving away when that happens. When you start doing tier 5s, you can start dropping “good” RNG drops.

Congratulations! You have defeated every tier of the Revenant slayer! Now go get revenant slayer 9 and get your RNG drops (and probably lose money).

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