Pelts Guide

Learn how to grind pelts efficiently.

What are pelts?: Pelts are a currency that can be obtained through completing Trevor-the-trapper (281-104-543 coords) tasks in the mushroom desert. You have to click on him and say yes to the task. Once you do so he will give you a general area of where the animal will be and you have to kill it. Each animal gives a certain amount of pelts and the more pelts it gives the harder it is to kill.

Types of Rarities: There are five different rarities which are Trackable, Untrackable, Undetected, Endangered, and Elusive. Each rarity gives a different amount of pelts when killed Trackable gives 2, Untrackable 4, Undetectable 6, Endangered 8,and Elusive 16. The pelt belt and Finnegan buff pelt drops.

Shops: These pet drops can be traded to Talbots shop for items such as the pelt belt, travel scroll to trappers den, Talbot's Theodolite which helps you find animals, the pelt belt which allows more pelts to be found, and the trapper crest which is an accessory that can be upgraded during Finnegan and Tonys shop which allows farming minions to go to tier 12.

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