SkyBlock Mod Guides

Learn about which mods are good for SkyBlock.

Skyblock Addons (SBA)

Skyblock addons is one of the most useful skyblock mods with options to lock slots, freeze backpack previews, boss timers/da timer, zealot counters, a search bar to autostop you when you get the reforge you want, hiding players near NPCs, and a bunch more QoL features. Menu can be accessed at /sba.

Download SBA here:

Danker's Skyblock Mod (DSM)

This mod is a really good mod for many players in dungeons, since it comes with solvers for basically every dungeon puzzle such as box, trivia, icewalker, silverfish, etc. It also allows you to check other players stats and your own, and their banks/purses, with alerts for things like watcher finishing spawning mobs, a reparty command for dungeons, an enchanting table solver, terminal solvers for f7, skill exp tracker and loot trackers. /dsm to view the settings, and some settings can be found in keybinds.

Download DSM here:

Make sure you download the latest version, as older versions can be bannable because they have some blacklisted features like blocking packets. This mod is incompatible with old animations.

Not Enough Updates (NEU)

Not Enough Updates is a mod with many QoL features such as item lists, an easy to use recipe viewer, a player viewer (/pv), a custom auction house, an item pricer, dungeon profit check, custom enchant coloring, dungeon minimap, a skyblock calendar, building item overlays (builder wand, infinidirt wand), smooth AoTE animation.

Download NEU here:

Again, make sure to download the latest version. This mod can make your FPS drop a bit, but it's still a good mod to use.

SkyblockExtras (SBE)

Paid mod with a bunch of trackers, solvers, enderman slayer help with beacon notifications, wither shield timer, diana waypoints, stalk peoples profiles with a number of commands, and many other QoL features. This mod costs 5 dollars.

Discord link:


Cowlection is a mod with multiple features to statcheck and dungeon help, including things like /moo stalk which checks where and when a person was last on Hypixel, /moo stalkskyblock which checks their skyblock stats including slayer, cata, skills. Also shows total pet exp on a pet, and the item age of something, a party finder overlay, a dungeon performance overlay for crypts, deaths, etc. Also has a better dungeon item tooltip showing what floor something is from, and much much more.

Download Cowlection here:


ChatTriggers is a mod that allows you to choose modules to download that can be very helpful.
There are multiple useful modules such as:

There are many other useful modules in ChatTriggers that can be found on their website.

Download ChatTriggers here:
Download ChatTriggers Modules here (search hypixel skyblock):

Note that these modules are 'use at your own risk', as with any other mod you download.

Some notable modules are

Dungeon Secret Mod

This mod includes secret waypoints to all the secrets, doors, levers, superboom walls, crypts in the room you are in. Also has solvers for puzzles.

Download DSM here:

This mod is use at your own risk, and I would be careful with it, and I prefer just learning secrets normally.


Skytils is a really useful mod for skyblock, including things like a Simon Says solver in f7, clientside armor redye, autoaccept reparty, custom key and command shortcuts, spamhider for a number of things like cooldown, abilities, etc. Has solvers for every dungeon puzzle, HP display for necron and sadan, terracotta timer, and many other features.

Download Skytils here:


BazaarNotifier is a smaller mod, but is useful for showing flips on the bazaar, and keeping track of your orders, which has been updated to the most recent version including enderman slayer items.

Download BazaarNotifier here:

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