Best Minions

Learn which minion setups are best.

Early to Mid game

I'm going to begin by telling you guys how important redstone minions are. Sure, they make little to no money, however you forget about the collection, redstone is probably the most important collection in this game because of your accessory bag. It will help your magical power if you keep just a few of these minions on your island.

The best cheap money making minions are T11 clay minions and T6 redstone minions (for accessory bag), as a stack of enchanted clay currently sells for 30k on bazaar and youll be making around 400k a day with 10.

Note: you must have diamond spreadings in order to make the most amount of profit from them

Mid to Early Late Game

T11 Snow & Redstone Minions, Enchanted Lava Buckets, Super Compactor 3000s, A Tier 1 Beacon, A Mithril Crystal and Diamond Spreadings.

With this setup you'll be making approximately 1.6m a day with 20 with only diamond spreadings and super compactors (the lava buckets really help with the minion speed)

Early Late to Late Game

T11 Slime Minions, Corrupt Soil, Enchanted Hoppers, Mithril Infusions, Magma Buckets/Hyper Catalysts.

This set up makes 12m everyday and is one of the best money making methods that is still used even by end game players to this day

Late Game

T11 Slime Minion, Mithril Infusions, Corrupt Soil, Flycatchers and Whatever Tier Beacon you have, Plasma Buckets, Daedalus Axe with Scavenger IV, Lvl 100 Bal Pet and Full Unstable Dragon Armor with Bank 5.

This afking set up gains you roughly 23m per 12 hour afking session and is super underrated for how cheap it is, you'll be making all the money you put into this back in absolutely no time

End Game

30 T3 Red Sand Minions, Plasma Buckets/Hyper Catalysts, Super Compactor 3000s, XL Storage, Fly Catcher, Mithril Infusions, T5 Beacon.

This Minion Set up is super expensive but makes so much money and if you have the barbarian reputation there's no point in waiting to do it, so just do it In the next guide about minions we'll go into more detail about minions for boring collections, Until then stay tuned!

Raw Craft Cost Per Money Making Minion:

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