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This guide is split into different parts, here are the following sections:

  1. What is Kuudra?
  2. How to get into Kuudra?
  3. The Reputation System
  4. Keys and its Materials
  5. Tiers of Kuudra
  6. Gear Requirement
  7. Phases of Kuudra
  8. Phase 1
  9. Phase 2
  10. Phase 3
  11. Phase 4 ( only for infernal )
  12. FAQs about Kuudra

Alright, sit tight as we go and explore all these

What is Kuudra?

Kuudra, a colossal lava Kraken BOSS, awaits within the depths of the Forgotten Skull on the Crimson Isle. Accessible through Kuudra's Hollow, this encounter resembles dungeon-like gameplay, set apart from the main island.

The battle against Kuudra primarily revolves around gathering diverse resources and assembling a formidable bow to target both the kraken and its menacing tentacles. Throughout the skirmish, players must deftly evade Kuudra's assaults and the swarms of mobs it summons.

How to get into Kuudra?

Kuudra can be accessed from Kuudra Gatekeeper after completion of at least 1 Faction questline. It requires a party of 4 players to enter.

Reputation System

Reputation is a stat that can be viewed on your tab list when you are part of any faction. Gaining a higher reputation unlocks new features in the faction along with higher tiers of kuudra, and the max reputation value is 12,000.

Reputation can be gained through various means, most of which are available once per day. It can be lost by killing various Minibosses, Killing these minibosses will also raise the reputation of the opposing faction if your current reputation with that faction is negative.

At various thresholds, a player's title with the faction will change, which opens up more options in the faction shop and sometimes grants more difficult daily challenges.

Here is a list of Reputation requirement for different tiers:

Tiers of Kuudra

There are currently 5 tiers of Kuudra with increasing difficulty, here is a brief description on these:

Gear Requirement

For newcomers to the Kuudra encounter, it's advisable to have:

For more experienced Kuudra players, your team composition should include:

Choosing a Crowd Control in newer parties reduces the necessity for high-tier gear, as they handle mob clearing. This allows players to progress in Infernal Kuudra difficulty and upgrade their gear even in less equipped parties.

Opting for 4 Specialists ensures faster crate generation (~40s) with a competent team, preventing the spawn of the most problematic mobs Kuudra summons. This results in a quicker build phase with four players consistently constructing instead of three.



🟒 Mandatory
🟑 Extremely helpful
πŸ”΄ Has situational use
⚫️ Used in Infernal (T5), but not essential in lower tiers

🟒 Hyperion (or any Wither Impact weapon)
🟒 Remote Shop
🟒 Lava Fishing Rod
🟒 Toxic Arrow Poison (excluding stunner)
🟒 Terror Armor with warden helmet
🟒 Aurora Armor
🟒 Ember Armor
🟒 Level 100 Blaze
🟒 Ender Pearls
🟑 Duplex Terminator
🟑 Power Orb or flare
πŸ”΄ Spirit Mask
πŸ”΄ Wither Cloak
πŸ”΄ Wand of Atonement
⚫️🟒 Fatal Tempo terminator ⚫️🟒 Level 200 Golden Dragon +1b Bank (with antique remedies)
⚫️🟒 Last Breath
⚫️🟒 Fiery+ Terror with Lifeline attributes
⚫️🟒 Ragnarock Axe
⚫️🟑 Reaper Armor
⚫️🟒 Endstone Sword
⚫️🟑 AT LEAST 1,100 Magical Power
⚫️🟒 Twilight Arrow Poison (only needed for stun)
⚫️🟑 Chimera 3 Ragnarock Axe

Stunners will require:
🟒 HOTM tree with HIGH mining speed
🟒 Gemstone Gauntlet OR BETTER
⚫️🟒 Ender Pearls/Tactical Insertion (for animation skip)
⚫️🟑 35k Mining Speed (for instant stun)


🟒 Gauntlet of Contagion
🟒 Implosion Belt
⚫️🟒 Lava Shell Necklace

🟑 Molten Cloak
⚫️🟒 Molten Belt
⚫️🟒 Molten Bracelet

In lower tiers, maximizing mana and mana regeneration is essential, although these attributes have minimal impact on runs.


All Molten equipment pieces should feature Lifeline, including the Lava Shell Necklace. However, for CC players, it's advisable to have a set of Mana Pool and Mana Regeneration equipment pieces. You can mix and match to your preference, ensuring inclusion of mana pool for increased ability damage.

Note: Gauntlet of Contagion and Implosion Belt are mandatory for CC.

Crowd Control Gear

⚫️🟒 Molten Necklace
⚫️🟒 Molten Cloak
⚫️🟒 Molten Belt
⚫️🟒 Molten Bracelet
⚫️🟑 Glowstone Gauntlet for level 10 attributes
⚫️🟑 Gauntlet of Contagion
⚫️🟑 Implosion Belt

Note: When using Lifeline, prioritize a lava shell necklace over a molten to prevent regeneration interruption.


🟒 Sighted Power Stone
🟑 Bizarre Power Stone
⚫️🟒 Fortuitous Power Stone

Tuning and Enrichment

Everyone should utilize Crit Chance enrichments and Crit Chance tuning points, If you own a FATAL TEMPO terminator, use ferocity enrichments instead.

Ensure 100% Attack Speed with terminator + golden drag (94). Supplement with a Beacon V/SOS Flare for an additional 5 and gain the extra 1 from legion or scorched power crystal.

Crowd Control Tokens

Begin with Blight Slayer I, then invest the remaining tokens into Bonus Damage.

Specialists Tokens

Focus on acquiring the Ballista Mechanic perk, and maximizing upgrades. If a spec stun, consider upgrading Mining Frenzy once as well.


Several mods can enhance Kuudra encounters, including those developed by community members. Please note that downloading them carries inherent risks:

Phases of Kuudra

Kuudra has 3 phases for all tiers except infernal, and infernal has 4 phases, here are their names,

  1. Supplies
  2. Building of Ballista
  3. Stunning Kuudra (t3 and above)
  4. True Lair (t5)

Phase 1 (supplies)

The first phase of the boss fight involves you and your team reeling in and fishing up six different chests of supplies from the lava and bringing them over to the center of the platform. These chests can be seen on the water and spawn in various pre-defined locations, with a tad bit of randomness. Most of these locations are near the quartz-made shapes embedded into the platform.

These chests take longer to fish up depending on the tier of the fight you are playing in, though the Steady Hands perk from the Specialist route allows you to pick up these chests faster.

While fishing up a chest, if you move significantly, you will stop picking them up. Nearby Kuudra tentacles will often try and grab you after a few seconds as well, which will stop you from fishing up the chest.

When you are holding the chest, you can not use any abilities or switch hotbar slots to hold another item. The chest will "drop" back into the lava if you take too long to bring it to the center or take too much damage.

Here is a reference pic where the chest supplies usually spawn https://imgur.com/a/R80z8g3.

Here is a Gimick called Safe Spot, safe spots are those blocks where kuudra tentacles don't picks you up while picking up supplies

here is a pic of pre-determined safe spots https://imgur.com/a/PhdQQGp. You can also use cannon riding as a safe spot. Just simply drag the supply next to a cannon and hold right-click on the cannon - when a tentacle picks you up you not be thrown into the air allowing you to pick up the supply.

Phase 2 (Ballista building)

After having collected all supplies, what is commonly called Phase 2 starts. Here you are supposed to build the ballista.

All specialists should have purchased the Ballista Mechanic upgrade in the Shop as this speeds up how fast you can build. You should not upgrade it after having started building unless your build gets destroyed by a tentacle. If you are playing Crowd Control you should have Blight Slayer 1 or 2. There is no need to go higher, and if you have spare tokens, buy Bonus damage.

That's all.

Phase 3 (Stunning Kuudra and Killing Kuudra)

Right before the building phase concludes, the stunner should exit the building area and head towards one of the cannons. Here, they should rapidly click on the "Human Cannonball" perk available in the shop. This action allows them to enter Kuudra's area by left-clicking the cannon.

When entering the cannon, the aim should be directed towards Kuudra, avoiding aiming too high and instead targeting the middle of the magma cube. Upon entering Kuudra's area, three pink pods hanging from the ceiling should become visible.

There are 2 main types of stunning,

  1. Brick Stun

Here is a pic where you have to stun https://imgur.com/a/a3rrN88, see the red highlighted block This technique requires 1500 Mining Speed, When entering Kuudra's Belly, etherwarp to the shown block (-154, 29, -172) on the left pod and spam click the highlighted nether brick to break the pod (You cannot hold your mouse down).

  1. Insta Stun

This method requires around 33.5k Mining Speed (around 6.2k without mining speed boost), to reach this Mining Speed threshold, you need:

You need to buy the mining frenzy perk in addition to Human Cannonball to be able to instantly break the blocks (Level 1 is enough). You can use mining speed boost ability mid-air, allowing you to etherwarp down to the pod quickly. An etherwarp conduit could be helpful for Insta stunning, as you can etherwarp immediately to the pod without needing to sneak. When entering Kuudra's Belly, etherwarp to the right pod and immediately start breaking the pod by swiping your cursor over the pod swiftly. Mining more glass panes instead of clay blocks is faster due to their smaller size, allowing you to break more blocks every second. The waypoint shown on this picture is -165, 22, -168.

After kuudra is stunned you need to use Terminator Bow with terror armor and Toxic Arrow poison on kuudra. This phase is purely based on hits and not on damage.

If Kuudra receives enough hits it will die, else Stunner has to stun again and repeat.

Phase 4 (True Lair, only for T5)

This phase is fairly simple, in T5 P3 will not end after killing Kuudra, instead, it will open up the floor for another phase called True Lair. In this place you have to use bows to drain 300M hp of Kuudra. In this phase Damage matters instead of hits as contrary to p3.

Kuudra will emerge from the lava at random times allowing you to shoot him. When he emerges, it is called a "peek". Use Ragnarock Axe ability and Reaper Armor ability as Kuudra begins to go into the wall after the first peek, this will give your lber time to fully lb kuudra, and your rag reaper will do all its intended damage. Everybody, including the laborers, should be using twilight arrow poison. This increases damage by a significant amount (10% multiplicative per player). If you have fatal tempo you should shoot a few shots with it to stack ferocity, then swap to your duplex terminator for 3 seconds. You can also shoot tentacles with a fatal tempo whilst Kuudra is in the wall. Extra items that can be used for more damage are Sword of Bad Health, Weirder Tuba, Endstone Sword.

If you followed it correctly, GGs you defeated Kuudra, open up your chest and pray for RNG (Jeff is RNG carried and we hate him).


1. Does ferocity apply in phase 3?

No, phase 3 focuses solely on hits rather than damage or ferocity.

2. Why use 3/4 terror instead of just 1 piece?

Using only 1 piece results in arrows being less accurate, potentially leading to missed shots and quicker loss of stacks.

3. Why choose Spec Stun over CC?

Spec Stun is preferable for two reasons: CC can focus on clearing adjacent mobs, and Spec can achieve instant stuns.

4. Is Ballista necessary?

Currently, a bug with toxic arrow poison allows one-phasing Kuudra without a ballista. However, this may change in the future.

5. Which mods are recommended for Kuudra?

ChatTriggers: nwjnaddons, volcaddons; Forge: Skyblock Utils. Please note that these are not officially endorsed.

6. What's the difference between FT and FT + Duplex?

Adding Duplex to FT increases damage by approximately 11.1% at 100 ferocity, 15.3% at 200 ferocity, and 15.3% at 300 ferocity.

7. What Ultimate Enchant should I use on Terminator for Kuudra?

Fatal Tempo is the most consistent DPS choice.

8. Warden Helmet v/s Infernal Terror Helmet

A Warden Helmet is preferred. Infernal Helmet offers slightly lower damage and is more expensive, making Warden the better choice for overall effectiveness.

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