Kat NPC Guide

Learn how to use Kat effectively.

The Kat NPC can be found in the hub next to Bea, she is used to upgrade pets from Common all the way to Legendary, Every upgrade takes longer and is more expensive however, but there are some ways to lower the Time, and Price.

A way to lower the pricing is to upgrade the pet at level 100. Pets whenever they gain a level receive a 0.3% decrease in the coin price of upgrading. Level 100 pets upgrade at a lower cost. Unfortunately getting a pet to Level 100 takes a very long time but if you ever have one, remember that if you can upgrade it to Kat, it will be a whole lot cheaper!

To lower the times, you would need an item called a Kat Flower. The Kat Flower lowers the time of a pet's upgrade for 1 day, which is very helpful when the upgrade takes a long time. To obtain Kat Flowers, you must buy them from the Bits Shop at Elizabeth who is located at the Community Center. They each cost 500 bits so they aren't very expensive. (Bits are obtained through Booster Cookies.) They can also be bought from the auction house unless of course you aren't able to use the auction house. They can change prices from time to time but they stay relatively cheap.

Some Pets cannot be upgraded further and some pets can go to Mythic, if there is a Material Cost to upgrading, Leveling the pet won't change the Material Cost.



What pets should I upgrade?

It really doesn't matter that much, it depends on the price.

How do I get the materials?

Typically from Bazaar but if you are on ironman or any other gamemode that restricts Bazaar, just grind for them.

How do I get the coins for the upgrades?

The list of guides has multiple different Money Making Methods that you can try, more will be coming eventually!

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