How To Join The Mage Faction

Learn how to join the Mage Faction in Hypixel Skyblock!

Joining a faction in Hypixel Skyblock opens up opportunities for progression and allows you to gain reputation within that faction. In this guide, we'll focus on how to join the Mage Faction, one of the factions you can align with in the game. By becoming a member of this faction, you'll gain access to unique benefits and activities that can enhance your Skyblock experience.

How To Join The Mage Faction In Hypixel Skyblock

There are multiple ways to join the Mage Faction, depending on your current faction status. Below, we outline the steps for joining the Mage Faction in various scenarios:

If You Are Not Part of Any Faction:

  1. Begin by talking to the NPC named Elle. Elle can usually be found in the Mage Faction's vicinity.
  2. Elle will request specific items from you. Collect and provide the requested items to her.
  3. After completing Elle's initial request, you'll be directed to speak to other NPCs in the Scarleton and Dragontail areas. These NPCs will guide you through further tasks and interactions.
  4. Once you've completed the tasks assigned by the NPCs in Scarleton and Dragontail, return to Elle.
  5. Elle will then give you the option to choose which faction you want to join, and you can select the Mage Faction.

If You Are Already Part of the Barbarian Faction:

If you are currently a member of the Barbarian Faction and wish to switch to the Mage Faction, you can do so by speaking to Elle at the spawn of the Crimson Isle. Elle will assist you in joining the Mage Faction seamlessly.

If You Were in the Mage Faction in the Past:

If you were previously part of the Mage Faction but left for any reason, you can easily rejoin the Mage Faction by visiting the town board. Simply access the town board and choose to rejoin the Mage Faction from there.

By following these steps, you'll successfully join the Mage Faction in Hypixel Skyblock, opening up a new world of quests, activities, and opportunities to build your reputation within the faction. Enjoy your journey as a mage in the world of Skyblock!

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