Goblin AFK Guide

Learn how to AFK goblins in the dwarven mines.

AFK farming goblins in the dwarven mines is a method of earning coins and rare drops, such as goblin eggs and armor, while being fully away from the keyboard. Due to negative views from the Skyblock community towards this method, there are not many guides on the subject. This guide aims to provide players with information on the process, including viable setups, locations, and expected profits.

Three main options for setups

The Daedalus axe is optional and not included in the estimated prices, and Revenant armor can be swapped for Sorrow armor pieces for more rare drops. The best locations for AFK farming goblins are the goblin campfire and the bottom of the ravine found through a small opening next to the campfire. However, if other players are already AFK at these spots, it is recommended to move along and server hop.

It should be noted that players get kicked every 1-2 hours, which can be annoying. However, if you can check in every 30-45 minutes, it should not be a problem. Ice Walker AFK is no longer possible as Ice Walkers no longer aggro when a player becomes AFK.

With Loadout #2, expected profits are between 800k-1.2m/hr at the campfire and 600-800k/hr at the bottom of the ravine. This setup is perfect as it allows for faster killing and survival during goblin raids. On a budget, unstable armor can be used, but it may struggle to survive swarms of goblins without healing talismans/equipment.

In conclusion, AFK goblin farming is a unique method of earning money in Skyblock as it requires no active participation, making it viable at all stages of the game. While it may not be as profitable as other active methods, the fact that it is fully AFK sets it apart.

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