The Ultimate Garden Guide

Learn how to play the garden update.

Garden is a great money making method and also a great way to earn skyblock xp. This guide talks about how to level up your garden level, what to do with visitors and good money making methods

Part 1: Leveling up your Garden

To level up your garden you need to either unlock crop milestones or complete visitor offers. At the start, you should get your crop milestones to at least 16 in all of them. I suggest you build a mega farm so you can farm as many crops at a time.


With visitors, you should accept all of the unique visitors, visitors with cheap offers, legendaries (they are profit almost all of the time) and visitors that have crops you can farm. Getting to garden 10 is pretty easy but every level after 10 needs 10k garden xp to level up.

Part 2: Money Making Methods

There are many good money making methods and some of them do require luck. The first money making method is farming in general. The best crop to farm is nether wart with a mooshroom cow as you get a lot from the nether wart and it has a decent price. Other crops still make a lot of money but nether wart is the best.

The second money making method is getting lucky with visitors. Visitors have a very small chance to drop an overgrown grass and a green bandana, each going for decently high prices.

The third and final money making method of this guide is farming mushrooms for burrowing spores. Burrowing spores are slowly going down in price, but with the mushrooms you farm and a little bit of luck you can get lucky with it. Farming mushrooms is also a great way to gain farming xp.

The Composter

The composter is an essential part of the garden. It unlocks garden plots and it is a great money making method. You should alwways have the composter running. I suggest that you fuel the composter with oil barrels and enchanted speeds as they give the most compost per coin that you spend.

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