How To Beat The Ender Dragon

Learn how to beat the ender dragon.

Ender Dragons are bosses that can be spawned within The End island. They require 8 Summoning Eyes in the center of the nest and once placed there's a chance that one of 7 Dragons spawns to which players are able to kill them in order to obtain some loot. I'll explain below what loot is available and how to have the best chance at once of the drops.

Upon placing one eye in each of the 8 sockets within the Alter there is the chance of the following dragons to spawn:

Dragon Spawn Chance
Protector 16%
Old 16%
Unstable 16%
Young 16%
Strong 16%
Wise 16%
Superior 4%

Dragon Fight

Upon spawning, the entrance to the nest is closed and can be opened with melee damage from the inside allowing more players in to fight the dragon.

Ender Crystals appear which once a dragon is within range and “connected” it'll heal the dragon a small percentage per second. Try and break these as the crystal drop themselves is worth some money on the AH and is a crafting recipe.

Each Dragon has a set of abilities to damage the players, don't worry about these too much as they are pretty underwhelming and easy to avoid. Each Dragon type has a set amount of HP. But the gear used is the same which I will show some basic, mid and high end potential load outs for:


You won't do much damage to reach top 3 but it is possible and you will at least do enough to get some loot.



I won't go into this set as much as at this stage of the game you should be fine with any high DPS setup.

You can experiment with all sorts of armour and weapon sets. Just do your research, the above is just an example of what works well.


In terms of loot, it gets fairly complicated. To simplify it down, the more “Quality” you have the better loot you have available to obtain. Quality is obtained by placing eyes and doing damage. The primary drops that people care about is Dragon Armor, Aspect of the Dragons and the Ender Dragon Pet below is what quality is needed for each:

Item Quality Chance To Drop
Ender Dragon Pet 450 0.05-0.01% (per eye placed)
Aspect of the Dragons 450 3% (per eye placed)
Chestplate 410 30%
Leggings 360 30%
Helmet 295 30%
Boots 290 30%

You gain 100 quality per eye placed and you gain an amount of quality where you placed on the leaderboard. I won't show the table here but it's on the Hypixel Wiki but below are some standard methods of obtaining a Quality threshold.

For a chance to drop a Pet or AOTD you need 450 Quality, the easiest way to obtain this is by placing 4 Summong Eyes and placing 25th or higher on the leaderboard. You must do at least 1 damage. So, 100 per eye = 400 + 70 from placing anywhere above 25th on the leaderboard. Placing 1st 2nd and 3rd gives 200, 175, and 150 respectively quality so if you consistent place top 3 then at minimum you need to place 3 eyes and place at least 3rd.

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