End Node Mining

Learn how to mine end nodes efficiently.

A pretty good money making arrived with one of the latest End Updates. Ender Nodes or Shiny Blocks were updated to have more drops and the chance to have ender mites spawn which now drop Mite gel.

To do this, is quite simple grab yourself a decent pickaxe like a Stonk or even a mithril pickaxe and head into the End island. All of the nodes are located in the obsidian and endstone walls/floors all around the main area of the End island. They tend to spawn more often towards the top of the island and less as you go lower towards the Dragon area ( they don't spawn in the dragon egg area).

Look for these blocks, they stand out by glowing with purple particles, simply break them and you'll be rewarded with the following:

End Stone Loot

Name Amount Drop Chance Quality
Nest Endermite N/A 33.21% 80
Enchanted End Stone 1 37.95% 10
End Stone 2 0.19% 1
Enchanted Ender Pearl 2 10.44% 12
Ender Pearl 2 0.09% 1
Grand Experience Bottle 1 11.39% 50
Ender Gauntlet 1 3.32% 120
End Stone Shulker 1 1.90% 120
End Stone Geode 1 1.42% 120
Shrimp The Fish 1 0.09% 120

Obsidian Loot

Name Amount Drop Chance Quality
Nest Endermite N/A 30.54% 80
Enchanted Obsidian 1 37.90% 25
Obsidian 2 0.26% 1
Enchanted Ender Pearl 3 6.98% 15
Ender Pearl 5 0.09% 2
Grand Experience Bottle 2 13.96% 65
Grand Experience Bottle 5 6.11% 100
Titanic Experience Bottle 1 1.31% 120
Ender Gauntlet 1 3.05% 120
Magical Rune 1 2.62% 120
Shrimp The Fish 1 0.17% 120

If you hit the Nest Endermite, a few Endermites will pop out and upon killing you'll be rewarded with Mite Gel which sells for 2000 coins to an NPC. This is what will make you the majority of your money, the Ender equipment also sells for 10000 coins to an NPC.

This is a great early game money making method and is usually not that contested. Great coin for Ironman players and Bingo enjoyers also.

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