End Island Guide

Learn how to progress in the End Island

The End island is accessed through the Spiders Den through a slimeblock portal. It requires Combat level 12. You can obtain it fairly quickly through the bestiary milestones or slayers (link to combat guide).

As you enter, to the the left you'll have the Pearl Dealer shop which has a range of items such as the Stonk, Silent Pearl, Ender Slayer etc. On your right you'll find a stair case to Guber which allows you to complete the End Race to unlock the Pig's Foot talisman.

The End Island is the home of End Stone and Obsidian, you can mine any of these blocks all over the location. Among these are End Nodes they have a 5% chance to be a End Node and upon broken can give an assortment of items or you may hit a Endermite Nest, this can be a fairy good money making method located here (link to end node money making guide).

Drops and Spawns

You'll find the following list of enemies in various different spawn locations:

Dragon Nest

Void Sepulture

Zealot Bruiser Hideout

Ender Dragons - Dragon's Nest

The Dragon's Nest is the home of the Dragon Egg, Zealots, Obsidian Defender, Watcher and Endstone Protectors. There are a total of 7 Ender Dragons which is a guarantee spawn after placing 8 Summoning Eyes at the altar. Once placed there is a chance that the Ender Dragon is one of the following:

Each dragon has its own abilities and has a wide range of its own drops, for chance to obtain one of the drops you have to count for a Quality system which is based upon where you place on the leaderboard and how many eyes you palace in the altar.

We have a guide on Ender Dragon's located here: How To Beat The Ender Dragon.

Also, underneath the entrance to the Dragon's Nest there's a area where you can salvage various end drops and dragon items in return for Dragon Essence and other items but in particular, you can spend Dragon Essence at the shop NPC to unlock a range of buffs such as Bonus Summoning Eye drops, Superior chance and more.

There is a questline that The End island has which you can follow through the Lost Adveturers chat dialogue by starting it at the entrance Lone Adventurer Quest.

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