Enchanting Guide

Learn how to level up enchanting.

If you've been living under a rock or just somehow haven't seen our guide about the enchanting update then fear not because today I'm here to simplify everything there is to know about enchanting in a more concise form. So make sure you watch this whole guide to not miss on any small detail that you need to know.

So first, the enchanting table. Your enchanted table allows you to apply basic enchantments at the cost of a little bit of enchanting hp. Ideally for the best results, you're going to want the highest level of all-in chance. These enchants are all laid out in the table and you can click one of the icons to see all the tiers of them and their cost. All enchantments cost vanilla hp levels to varying levels and cost as low as 5 levels for telekinesis to 75 for thunderbolt.

The easiest way to fully enchant a weapon is to buy a stack of grand experience bottles from the bazaar and use them one or two at a time to get every enchant. Also make sure you have a good bit of the lapis collection to make an experienced potion to get a lot more xp. If you have a dropbot that works too.

Some enchantments require a level of enchant power and enchant power is gained by surrounding your table in enchanted books. If you're lazy just place a few enchanted butch shelves and you're good to go. But a usual setup of surrounding a table with boot shelves will give you access to every enchant.

But wait a second, you can't have every single enchant because some enchants have conflicts. Conflicts are when you can't apply two different enchantments together. There's not a lot of these but the decisions you make make a huge difference on your weapon. Not everything has conflicts of course. Actually, the only real thing that has conflicts is swords as the general strategy for armor is to get protection, thorns, and growth and then the rest of the tools are simply just get everything but swords are important to get right.

There's 5 main conflicts on screen now and to save your time, I'm going to simply tell you the best choice. If you want my full reasoning, check out the laundry guide I'll leave a timestamp and all for that in the description. Siphon is better than lifesteal, first strike is better for early game players, triple strike is better for later game players, thunder lord is better than thunderbolt, execute is better than prostitute and giant killer is better than titan killer. Honorable mention, rejuvenate is better than respite.

Enchantments like fire aspect and venomous impact your damage which means they're good to use and provide solid bonus damage. You should totally get them.

Okay next up, you aren't going to unlock all enchants by default. To have access to all main enchants you need enchanting level 20 and if you want access to all the fancy ones then you're going to want level 36. To level this, you're going to want to do experiments. Experiments are the easiest way to get millions of enchanting hp extremely fast. Just doing one of these from level 0 will take you way up to level 10 and it's nearly completely free to do. Make sure you log in once per day to do your free daily experiments and do the highest tiers you can do yourself. Once you've done your first one, you can refresh them at a cost. The first one needs 100 bits and 100 hp levels or about 16 grand experience bottles. The second needs 200 bits and 200 xp levels or about a titanic and the third and final one is 500 bits and 400 levels or lossl.

Sometimes, you might get a metaphysical serum. You can consume at max 3 of them. Each one reduce your click by 1. At maximum serum consumed you will also get a +2 bonus click. This bonus is permanent and serum are pretty cheap, so buying them could buy a good idea.

Then from there, do your experiments and you'll be enchanting 60 in no time. If you are a higher level and want the bonus ability damage and intelligence, invest in a guardian pet to earn 30 percent more experience. It wasn't mentioned anywhere but it is a great way to get to level 60.

So, that's everything you need to know about enchanting in a nutshell. Make sure to watch the full guide to not miss any small details and subscribe for more updates and tutorials. And remember, always keep experimenting to find the perfect enchant for your weapon.

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