How To Complete The Dojo

Learn how to complete the dojo.

The Dojo is a series of minigames that you have to complete to obtain the Black Belt. To get the The Dojo, you need to first have combat 24 to get into the Crimson Isle, and then it can be located at the coordinates (-234, 108, -601).

To start the Dojo, you need to have all of your equipment and armor off, and your inventory cleared. Once you have done that, you right click the Master Tao NPC and you will be able to choose the minigames.

If you are aiming to get the Black Belt, you will need to score over 1,000 points on each of the minigames to obtain it.

Dojo Games

Game: Test Of Force

How To Play: Hit zombies off the edge of the map to score points. There's 4 different types of zombies that give 10, 20 and 30 points, and one that gives -30 points.

Strategy: The best strategy for this game is to ignore the 10 point zombies unless you can 1 tap them in, and then try focus for the 30 point ones. If you are trying to go for 1,000 points and you hit a -30 zombie, you should most likely restart unless its a really good run.

Game: Test of Stamina

How To Play: Jump through holes in walls that are coming from 4 different directions. It has 4 difficulties, easy, medium, hard and insane, and you score 9 points every second you stay alive.

Strategy: N/A

Game: Test of Mastery

How To Play: Shoot wool that are on top of wooden poles. There's 3 types of wool, green which gives 8 points, yellow that gives 16 points and red that gives 32 points.

Strategy: Wait for the green blocks to turn into red, so you should try shoot them when the yellow block is close to hitting 0 since the red block go away quickly.

Game: Test of Discipline

How To Play: Different types of zombies spawn and you have to hit them with the correct sword depending on what type they are. There's 4 different types of zombies, and more types spawn as you go. For every correct zombie you hit you will get 8 points, and if you hit a zombie with the wrong sword you will lose 16 points.

Strategy: Try stay as close to the middle as possible unless you killed all the zombies there, and if you are going for 1,000 points and hit 2 incorrectly, you should most likely restart.

Game: Test of Swiftness

How To Play: You have to walk on newly created blocks to try not to fall into lava. At 500 points there will start to be 1 block jumps, and at 800 points there is 2 block jumps.

Strategy: The best strategy is to play in f5 mode, and if you have high ping you will spend a lot of time on this one.

Game: Test of Control

How To Play: Keep looking at a skeletons head without falling into the lava. Overtime zombies and skeletons will spawn to try shoot you into the lava, but when they do you should try to ignore them unless they walk straight infront of you, which then you should hit them off.

Strategy: When looking at the skeleton you should try make the head diamond, which means you earn the most points, but depending on your ping it will change the distance you have to look infront of it.

Game: Test of Tenacity

How To Play: Stand on a platform and ghasts start to shoot at you. Overtime more ghasts will spawn in each of the corners until there is 4, and when they shoot they destroy the platform blocks below you.

Strategy: Run back and forth in the middle, and playing in f5 helps to see where the fireballs are going.

Once you have completed all of these games at 1,000 score, you will be given the Black Belt.

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