Best Crop For Coins

Learn what crop makes the most coins per hour

With all the money making methods out there, farming has to be one of the greatest of them, being almost fully afk-able and making upwards to 10m per hour and almost 16m an hour while being maxed, so you might be asking, what crop should I be farming to make the most? Well then, you came to the right place!

Before we start you must keep in mind that a mooshroom cow is always better for coins over elephant, but you'll be going to loose quite the amount of collection.

While using bountiful with a decent setup and a melon dicer, you'll be getting about 10m while farming melons, making it one of the best crops to farm currently, and with a maxed setup, you could be making upwards to 16m an hour, and keep in mind that all of this is NPC price so these rates will never change, and if you want to know all the other crops coins per hour, here is a detailed sheet with the maxed coins for each crop!


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