Obtaining Combat XP

Learn how to get the most combat EXP.

Here are some of the main methods for grinding combat XP, along with their requirements and rates. They are listed in order from easiest to hardest:

  1. Pigman/Crypt Ghoul grinding:
  1. 9k hp Enderman:
  1. T3 Revs:
  1. T4 Revs:
  1. F6 Golem Rushing:
  1. Ghost Grinding:
  1. F6 Golem Rushing with Terra farming:

There is also a method of self pearl spamming, but the rates are unknown. Check out Something Like That's YouTube channel for more information. Additionally, F4 combat grinding is a good alternative to T3 Revs, but the rates are similar and it was not included in its own section. It involves using a Spirit Scepter to farm animals in the boss fight.

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