The Ultimate Alchemy Guide

Learn how to get alchemy 50.

Getting Started

To get started with alchemy, you will need a Brewing Stand, Glass Bottles, and a Water Bucket. These items can be purchased from the Alchemist NPC and Builder NPC in the hub.

The best ways to gain alchemy XP is by making potions from Enchanted Sugarcane or Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes. Both of these items give 15,000 XP per use. To make potions with Enchanted Sugarcane, you will also need Nether Wart to create Awkward Potions, which can then be combined with the Enchanted Sugarcane to make a Speed 5 potion. To make potions with Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes, you will only need normal Water Bottles to make a Weakness 5 potion.

Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes and Enchanted Sugarcane can be crafted or purchased from the bazaar. Enchanted Sugarcane is typically the cheaper option, but the cost difference is usually minimal. It is possible to recoup some of the cost by selling the potions to an NPC. Speed 5 potions sell for 167 coins each, while Weakness 5 potions sell for 500 coins each. It is recommended to not sell Level 5 potions, but instead to use them to create Level 6 potions using one Glowstone. The selling price for a Speed 6 potion is 5,833 coins each, and for Weakness 6 potion is 12,900 coins each.

The XP needed to reach skill level 50 is 55,172,375 XP, which is equivalent to slightly over 19 stacks of either Enchanted Sugarcane or Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes. There are ways to gain more XP, such as having the cookie buff which gives +25 alchemy wisdom and increases XP per potion to 20,250, or by using a god potion which increases XP per potion to 23,250. This will bring the total amount needed down to 12.5 stacks of either Enchanted Sugarcane or Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes.

Auto Brewing

Creating an auto brewer in Hypixel Skyblock can significantly streamline your potion-making process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up your own automatic brewing system:

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Setting Up the Base

Place your Brewing Stands in a row. The number of stands will depend on how large you want your auto brewer to be.


Step 2: Hopper System

Attach hoppers to the top of the Brewing Stands for inputting ingredients. Connect these hoppers to a chest where you’ll store the potion ingredients.


Step 3: Water Bottle Input

Set up a separate hopper line that feeds into the side of the Brewing Stands for water bottles. This will be your water bottle input system.


Step 4: Redstone Mechanism

Behind the Brewing Stands, set up a redstone clock that will control the timing of ingredient drops. Use Redstone Repeaters to adjust the timing as needed.


Step 5: Comparator Feedback Loop

Place Redstone Comparators coming out of the Brewing Stands to detect when potions are done brewing. This will signal the system to drop the next set of ingredients.


Step 6: Output System

Place hoppers underneath the Brewing Stands to collect the finished potions. These should funnel into a chest for easy collection.


Step 7: Testing

Run a test by placing ingredients and water bottles in their respective chests. Watch the system to ensure the timing is correct and that potions are being brewed and collected properly.



By following these steps, you can create an efficient auto brewer that will save you time and effort in Hypixel Skyblock. Happy brewing!

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