The Ultimate Accessory Guide

Learn how to use accessories.

Accessories are one of the most important items in Skyblock, yes more important than that Hyperion you've been trying to save for. Essentially, Accessories or Talismans give you Magic Power which buff the Powers you can get from Maxwell in the hub.

There's a huge range of Power Stones available and you should browse the wiki to find the ones you think you need the most.
Some to consider that are affordable are:

So you may be thinking, "How many talismans do I need?" The simple answer is, all of them. Just buy as may as you can afford, some of them are a few thousand coins to a few hundred million coins. As a goal, try and hit the following magic power milestones: 100, 250, 500, 750+ - As you hit those numbers you'll start noticing potentially huge improvements on your damage, health, attack speed, and intelligence.

How to hit those numbers? Well you need unique talismans, that includes the rarity. So for example you can't have a Scarf's Thesis and Scarf's Grimoire as it will just only count for the best one you have. The best advice to give is, buy all of the ones from the server hub NPCs, complete all of the races that give you free ones (End Race, Woods Race, Chicken Race or The Dungeon hub races) and then start looking at resources such as SkyCrypt or find a Discord server that has the SkyHelper bot, this will show you what you're missing and what to buy in order based on cost per magic power gained.

When you hit a point where you feel like the talismans are reaching a cost that doesn't seem worth it you can consider recombobulating talismans, I would recombobulate any talismans that the max level is legendary or epic which means you'll be able to get them to mythic and legendary respectively - once you recom those consider recoming rare to epic etc.

Now you have a load of talismans you might notice your accessory bag is starting to look a bit full. You should definitely consider farming out your redstone collection until it is maxed which will give you 57 slots in your bag once it's maxed. You can also gain more slots from Jacobus (eventually gives you a talisman but very expensive) or the community shop.

Enrichments is another aspect of accessories that provide a small stat boost to each accessory to let you min max your stats. These can be purchased from the auction house or community shop and can be swapped with an enrichment swapper. I would recommend hitting 500-750+ MP before considering using these when you need to tweak your stats.

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